Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More from FC&A Publishing

Want the equivalent to Heloise -- helpful household hints -- in a more expensive book form? Well, for "only" four "easy" payments of $6.99 each, plus shipping and handling, you get the book "Fix it, Clean It and Make it Last".

This is the same group that sent a medical information "newsletter" last week:

Gayle K. Wood
FC&A Publishing
103 Clover Green
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Gosh -- they are experts in medicine and cleaning.

They don't seem to give up.  Dad has not bought anything from this "publisher" for over two years now, and they still send weekly newsletters with exciting offers.  Gotta give them credit for persistence.


  1. I too received a book from FC&A Publishing in October 2011 that I did not ask for. I returned it unopened as rejected. I started to receive bills in the mail stating I owed them $26.96 for a book named "Easy Does It". I kept sending them a reply stating I returned the book and refused to make a payment of any kind. The last invoice I received stated in a form letter that they know I am a concerned person and that I finish the projects I begin, that I should finish the good thing I have begun and finally "Won't you honor your commitment by paying the modest bill enclosed?" This infuriated me. I called 1(800) 226-8024 number and explained in a very to the point way I did not as for the book, it was rejected and returned un-opened to them and I refuse to pay for something I did not ask for. The woman named Donna said she was removing the bill, taking me off the mailing list as we spoke. It took no time at all but I had to call. Apparently they have no one who can read when you mail them a letter stating the same thing. We will see if THEY honor their commitment and stop sending me, another elderly person, unasked for garbage mail!

  2. " what you should never put in your Will ! "Learn all of these amazing secrets and more. Only $9.99 plus $3.00 shipping. You must cut out and return this notice with your order. Copies will not be accepted. IMPORTANT --free gift offer expires may 16,2011. Is this something on the up and up? Or is it another hoax? This was advertised in today's PARADE in the newspaper. Thanks for any help! Seems everyone is just after your money these days! FC&A DEPT. NR-3581 103 CLOVER GREEN, PEACHTREE CITY,GA 30369