Thursday, June 17, 2010

FC&A Medical Publishing: Medical advice

Today's offering is for a book entitled Your Body Can Heal Itself: Over 87 Foods Everyone Should Eat. This came from FC&A Medical Publishing, 103 Clover Green, Peactree City, GA 30269.  When you open the envelope, there is a "From the desk of Charlotte Garner" note (with a "note" indicating "Please read if you love good food - CG" and another envelope.

Inside the inner envelope is a certificate for "Free No-Risk Preview Certificate" for the trial book, plus another book that I will receive for three payments of $9.99 each. The offer expires July 15, 2010, so I have to act fast.   If I want the "free" book, I have to take on the other book -- there is no other option provided.

So, who is FC&A Medical Publishing?
  • According to Publishers Global Inc., it is a publisher of self-help health books.
  • It publishes advice in the form of a secret cure each week.
  • It purports that "skeptics of natural healing proven wrong".
  • It has a large number of self-promotional web postings.
  • It is also a publisher of books on fixing things around the house, among other things.
  • The formerly listed editor, Frank W. Cawood (now Gayle K. Wood) used to sell transfer patterns for t-shirts (back in 1991). My, how his expertise changed.
  • The company appears to have begun as Frank Cawood and Associates (hence the FC&A).
  • There is no scientific proof offered for any of the purported cures, and there does not appear to be anyone with medical credentials associated with FC&A Medical Publishing.

Harmless? I am not so sure. The problem that I have with companies like this is that they may deter folks from taking the medicines they should be taking. I don't have anything against some natural or simple remedies (e.g., I like to get calcium buildup off of sinks and showers using vinegar instead of harsh chemicals), but giving someone expectations that there are miracle cures may encourage them to forgo their prescription drugs.  Giving up cholesterol drugs, blood thinners, and cancer treatments for the hope of a "natural" cure is dangerous.

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  1. My only comment is that THIS letter came inside of another envelope that stated on the outside of it GUIDEPOSTS For Guidposts Readers From one friend to another...
    I contacted Guideposts and they said they had nothing to do with this.
    Soooooo, I think this person stole addresses from Guidepost...but, of course, I can't prove it.