Saturday, June 19, 2010

American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens

Today's device to extract money from the elderly comes from the "American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens" (AFPCC).  Dad donated to this "cause" many times in another state, for its local "chapter", but when we changed his address, the current envelope is customized to indicate our town's "chapter". Great software, if nothing else.

Within the envelope are the following items:
  • A letter highlighting "Peace Officers Memorial Day, with an emergency appeal
  • A flyer claiming "We need your help", with a disclosure of financial information availability on the reverse.
  • Two envelopes (not pre-paid), for the donation; one to be mailed by June 30th and the other by July 31st.
What do we know about the AFPCC?
  • Address is 6350 Horizon Drive, Titusville, FL 32780-8002
  • Website:
  • Portion of donations going to anything other than salaries and fundraising expenses: 0% (in fact, they spend more on salaries and fundraising than they took in recently, according to Charity Navigator: )
  • The "charity" shares the same address, etc., as the American Police Hall of Fame. Previously, the two shared the same website.

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  1. Yes, they are vultures. Did the same to my father. Makes me sick