Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"GUARANTEED to help you restore up to 12 years of memory"

Today's mail brought several items.  One is a pitch for the newsletter "True Health", which will help you learn about restoring your memory. [ Dad fell for a lot of these "cures" for memory loss as he entered dementia, thinking that he was putting off memory loss.  Well, it didn't work.] You can join the "Gold Club" if you order a 12-month supply (with "free" reports and "free bottles of Memory Formula") for only $288.96. What a deal.

The company promoting this cure is:
True Health
P.O. Box 3703
Bessemer, Alabama 35023-9970

Also at P. O. Box 3703, Hueytown, Alabama 35023

The primary ingredient in the "Ultimate Memory Formula" is Phosphatidylserine, which is not found to be effective [see].  While an earlier derivative was effective, there was risk of mad cow disease, so another formulation, using soy, is marketed. However, the test results on the bovine formulation are not necessarily transferable to the soy formulation.  In other words, scientific evidence does not support the key ingredient in Ultimate Memory Formula as effective in preventing memory loss.

The shame is that this marketed to the elderly, who want to hang on to their memory.  They are very susceptible to the marketing pitches, that have healthy, active seniors in the pictures and lost of testimonials.

The advertisement claims that this is FDA approved. Please check out the FDA website -- you'll see that it is not approved:

False claims, targeting the elderly with very expensive "cures". Shame on them.

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