Monday, June 21, 2010

The Douglass Report

We received an "urgent Note from Dr. Bill Douglass, with a return address on the envelope from William C. Douglas II, MD, 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201. This is the same address for the Health Sciences Institute, Ndi Solutions, Northstar Nutritionals.Agora, and Agora Financial.

Inside was a letter "From the desk of William Campbell Douglas II, MD, along with a "Loyal Reader Special Offer Certificate" that offers the Douglas Report for $54, plus a free report Real Solutions from Medicine's Notorious Myth-Buster".  It discusses things that the "FDA, Big Business and Big Pharma" won't let you know.  Another "us v. them" scare approach to selling newsletters.

The address for this report is the same addresss for the FC&A newsletters.

Check out the BBB rating on this group of affiliated/related companies:

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  1. I'm not elderly and I get these all the time. They're targeting anyone who's ever responded to one of their ads, from any affiliated company. They're out for money, not targeting people with dementia (how would they know?).