Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time Sensitive Documents: Oh my gosh, I must act fast.

Today's mail included a "Time sensitive Document: Reply Requested with a return address of Customer Service Dept., Post Offie Box 925, Frederick, MD 21705-9913.  This is so special that it was presorted bulk mail out of Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Inside were two items:
  • A form to allow us to subscribe to "True Wealth" for only $49.50 for one year or $69.00 for two years.
  • A newsletter made to look like tax forms, entitled "Get Social Security No Matter What Your Age".  This newsletter promises that you can qualify for $12,000 every year, file a secret 521-B and get an interest free loan up to $144,000, use a Form '3881-BK' and get $8,400 per year, and "time your filing of form 'SSA-25' and get an extra $700 per month for 8 years or more."
Gosh, this sounds good. It even is printed on something that has a form number "SA TW38" with something that looks like a bar code (similar to print outs from Social Security). Looks so "official". Gosh, this must be something important from the government.

But alas, this is a promotion for the newsletter that promised "secrets", with claims that other people have been able to get money from these secrets.

Check out:
  • There is no extra benefit or short-cut to social security. If you want to check out eligibility, see http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10035.html.
  • A Rip-off report about this company: http://www.ripoffreport.com/home-based-business/michael-j-palmer/michael-j-palmer-ripoff-secret-ne989.htm
  • One of the strategies is to withdraw your SS application if you retired at 62 [521-B]. This sounds interesting, but there is always a catch -- like repaying the government the money you already received.  See http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.15/handbook-1515.html. 
  • Another relates to "3881-BK", which is the SSA questionairre for children claiming social security benefits.  
  • The letter is supposedly from Steve Sjuggard (who uses "Dr." in some of his newsletters and websites). Want to see how Steve Sjuggard's investment "picks" turn out? Check out: http://www.cxoadvisory.com/individual-gurus/steve-sjuggerud/  You see that some win, some lose; but there is not a consistency in winning.
  • Investment U, Stansberry Research and  Agora are all related. It is likely that the website of the "Stock Gumshoe" is also connected to this group.
  • For more on Agora and Stansberry Research, see the SEC complaint at http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp18090.htm.
  • The bio on "Dr." Steve Sjuggerud states that he has a doctorate in finance (and some say "International Finance").  I cannot locate any school claiming him as an alumnus, and his name does not appear in the WWW Directory in Finance (where most folks with a PhD in Finance are listed).
  • In the Division of Corporations, Florida, records, Steve Sjuggerud has three businesses: Sugarberry LLC, Beacon Street LLC, and Sjuggerud Capital.
There is a lot of drama in this newsletter about "secrets", social security, the government, and gold.  Similar drama as in the newsletters coming from the same source (Agora and gang).  What are these secrets?  They are just telling you what you could find out at www.ssa.gov. No more, no less.  Do you need to subscribe to a newsletter to find this stuff out? No.  Just go to the government web sites and the information is all there.  What you will learn is that none of these "secrets" really pertain to you.


  1. Your link to the SEC complaint on Agora and Stansberry Research doesn't work.

  2. http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp18090.htm

  3. As always "If it sounds too good to be true...."

  4. The link she listed above DOE'S work! I went there and they are just a rip off joint like most of the stuff posted in the news paper. In junk magazine and so forth. Sherry