Monday, July 19, 2010

Pill pushing from "Schweiz Health"

Yesterday we got a newsletter from

Schweiz Health
655 Mulberry Road
Manteno, Il 60950-990

The approach of this is to promote its pills, which promise to extend your life (I got a kick out of the picture of a gray haired guy giving a piggy back to a gray haired lady -- gosh, these pills must be great!).  These newsletters appeal to the desire to stay young -- fixing backs, relieving sluggishness, preventing colds, and feeling young.  It will only cost you $60.

This company shares an address/identity with Bio Medical Solutions, Nutricell, Threesource, and Feenix LLC.

If I interpret the websites related to this miracle drug, it is basically fish oil, like the stuff you can buy at the grocery store.  Want to try fish oil?  You can do it at a lower cost by buying it locally.


  1. I just received a new one for something called Phyteva a Yumberry? Wolfberry! Mangosteen mix which promises to "rejuvenate the body based on its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants may protect against some diseases but they can't turn back the clock. The flyer lists no prices but free gifts are promised if you call, a sure sign of a scam.

    1. I agree! Scam artist, as are all those answering phones. I want to report them, but not sure where or how since I'm in MA and this is mailed from South Portland, ME

  2. For "Konatrol"?

    He is a rip off, Dr Desilva

  3. found out they took out $39.97 in december.. I called they said they could not give back the money. This producet was never ordered...also in august 112. What a rip off.... do not order from them

  4. i just got ripped off..wanted something for colon health

  5. Customer service for Bactium is a JOKE. And don't fall for the
    $10 fee for quick service. It took 16 days to receive the product. Now I'm trying to recoop the $10 but you have to hold on line for well over a half hour, if your lucky. I never did get through because when it came to my turn, I was disconnected.I'm not impressed with the whole operation. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  6. I ordered Actodin to Stop Hurting and Start Living Right Now.
    Promise of a 100% Risk-Free Triple Guarantee! How could I go wrong? Order on 6 March, shipped 8 March 2012. After 7 days I started to make inquires to determine when I could Stop Hurting. Finaly after several calls I got a tracking number and the postal service gave a delivery date of 26 March. This was revised to 31 March and sure enough on Saturday 31 March the package arrived. Start of trial period. 30 days from order date. One week later, no obvious help so got a RAN/RMA number and into the Postal System the return went. Customer service advised I would have to pay a restocking fee. This is the "free" trial? Be very careful when dealing with this company. I have more to earn and time will tell how a customer complaint is handled. So much of a thirty day trial priod. I am not happy.


  7. Ordered from Schweizhealth (affiliate of NutriCell). Waited for 1 month for product, called in 4times and got repeated assurance that I will receive it nxt week. Called now back to cancel the order. Was told can't to that, your credit card is charged, we don't take cancellations!!!!! Service resreps are very reluctant to give ANY information as if they know s/t is not right

  8. I just received the same flyer on Phyteva. I went to several sites looking for the ingredients and cost and found "proprietary blend" in the ingredients list. I back away whenever I see proprietary in the ingredients. The cost is around $39 for a month supply. Not overly expensive but why wasn't the price listed in the flyer. I would stay away from this product.


  9. I used products from BioGenetics, Bio Molecular and Schweiz Health. They all have the same address as well as Nutricell. They immediately send me supplements each month "auto-ship" for which I never asked. I tried to cancel products but it was impossible to contact them, either by phone, email or mail. I started to return all packages unopened, one with a letter attached. All the letters I wrote were ignored, the companies were uncontactable and never credited my account for the returned parcels containing health supplements. It is not that their supplements are no good, some are excellent. The companies I mentioned are all distributors for Swiss Laboratories. However, to my surprise I received an email from the new manager of these companies and he found my (ignored) letters. In the email he apologized and promised to return all the money for the returned parcels. It had cost me over $100 a month. I am sure people will not be hoodwinked ever again. I must tell my story because I can imagine how disappointed people were dealing with these companies as I was. Mrs. Maria Gay

  10. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They lie, take your money, can't stop a sale the same day and you are stuck paying the shipping & HANDLING costs, which is the big money maker for them.

  11. yesterday I received a "Amercan Journal of Healing Discoveries" claiming to have a miracle enzyme product
    that "can"cure all ailments. To order a "free" supply I will have to give my credit card details for the sum of £5 plus £2.99 postage.