Monday, July 19, 2010

National Foundation for Cancer Research: Careful out there!

Today brought a solicitation for the "2010 Annual Fund Drive" for the National Foundation for Cancer Research.  Address:

P.O. Box 96024
Washington D.C.

Well, a check with Charity Navigator turns up interesting information: 
  • Charity Navigator rates this charity with one star.  Why?  Consider that the organization pays only about one-third for cancer research -- the rest is for administrative expenses and fundraising expenses. 
  • Take a look also at the salaries of itst administrators -- too high for what this organization does.
What is the gimmick they offer?  Free mailing labesl of course.  Well, Dad has received thousands of mailing labels from organizations like this.  They tracked his address when he moved this past year and now he has lots of address labels that we simply have to throw out.  What a waste.  Why do they do this? Because it is an attempt to make you feel guilty -- you may want to donate if they are giving you something.  Problem is, so many organizations use this approach that those on the mailing list get far too many labels.


  1. Mr. Franklin Salisbury Jr. (President & CEO) and Mrs. Sujuan Ba (Chief Operating Officer) are HUSBAND & WIFE taking home over $700,000/year. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

  2. Check REUTERS News on May 2 to see that the FOUNDER of this charity was CHARGED WITH BILKING $25.7 MILLION IN FRAUD SCHEME.

    In addition, Mr. Franklin Salisbury, Jr. (CEO) and Ms. Sujuan Ba (President & Chief Operating Officer) are HUSBAND & WIFE. Their take home pay is about $750,000/year according this charities 990 on their website.

  3. Just gave them a small donation to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. They raise money under different names. Trying to fool the American public. We recevied so many solicitation from National Foundation for Cancer Research this year. This alone must have costed them more than my donation amount. They are wasting public money on fundraising and salary for President and CEO. They are husband and wife team and taking home $720,000 per year. Look at the reviews about the National Foundation for Cancer Research on Charity Navigator and Guidestar.I never support this Charity again.