Monday, July 12, 2010

Hampshire Laboratories: Cures for Prostate and a "Testosterone Lifter"

Ohm gosh, today we got two envelopes:

4828 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Wm J. Hartman
4848 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

The first one will lift your testosterone, and the second one will keeping you from peeing all night.  This all comes from Hampshire Laboratories.  These "cures" according to the disclaimer are not "cures".  So what are they?  A waste of a lot of money.  $119.95 plus shipping for fixing your testosterone and $119.95 to fix your peeing.

So who are "Hampshire Laboratories"? and William J. Hartman? There is not much available.  Hampshire Laboratories sells herbal remedies that they claim (without evidence) fix your health problems.  The promotional materials even have reference lists that make things look very scientific.
Do these pills work? consider Antiiva, which is not necessarily safe and effective.

The tactics used in these promotions are the scare tactics used by many others:  "What the doctors won't tell you..." method of sales.

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