Thursday, July 8, 2010

Douglass Report ... Again

These folks don'w give up.  Time to renew, again.  Since we've never subscribed, it is interesting that we keep getting the renewal notice.   This newsletter promises:
  • "CONQUER you dreaded urge to go" [Buy UroLogic for only $279.70]
  • "The truth about male menopause" [Subscribe and learn other medical news]
  • "Toe-curling, PRIMAL SCREAM SEX is yours for the taking!" [Buy Ultra Turbo HG for only $99.70]
The mailing address is the same as many other "cures", but a different "company" name:

  Real Advantage Nutrients
  P.O. Box 970
  Frederick, MD 21705-9913

The problem, of course, is that you won't know the ingredients of these pills until you receive them (and only if they feel like disclosing them), so you do not know if they are safe drugs or whether there are interactions with any other medicines.  This is an especially important issue for the elderly because they are more likely to be already taking prescriptions, and the chance of interactions is high.

A related company, NorthStar Nutrition (same address) sells Urologic -- but the link for the ingredients and dosage conveneintly do not work. [Gosh, the testimonials link does work]. Looking at other pills sites, the pills contain a "proprietary blend" of "Three-leaf caper (Opteva)(Crateva nurvala)(stem bark) Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)(herb) Silica (as colloidal anhydrous)". Got that?

FDA: Where are you?


  1. It would be amusing to go to Maryland and track down the address. Too bad you cannot film the perpetrators, as Maryland has laws against filming other people without their consent (some kind of variation of wiretapping).

  2. What you would see is either a warehouse, a mailbox drop, or an office with one person accepting mail.

    1. Different PO Box, but same 9-digit Zip--21705-9913. Looks like buyer beware to me...